Raising money for charity can be frustrating at times. To help you keep on track, follow these 7 fundraising tips.

#1 Choose the right charity

It’s important that you choose a charity that you are passionate about. This will help you stay motivated. Having a story or a personal connection to a charity really helps when fundraising as well.

As soon as you’ve picked your charity, send them an email to let them know your fundraising intentions and what you have planned. Quite often charities have support or materials to help you.

#2 Set a goal

Having a target to aim for will keep you on track. People are also more like to donate if it is towards a larger goal.

Where possible it’s good to have a specific purpose for the money as well – such as raising the amount needed for a classroom, or to support 1 child for a year at school, etc.

And aim a bit higher than feels comfortable…..you can do it!

#3 Never have an empty fundraising page

If you are setting up a fundraising page, get your nearest and dearest to give donations before advertising it to a wider audience. Or you can even contribute yourself and set up a few fake donations. People support things that are successful. An empty fundraising page is a huge deterrent.

For more sponsorship tips check out: how to get people to sponsor you

#4 It all comes down to persistence

It’s the same when asking for anything….there’s a good chance you will get lots of rejections along the way. When I approach fundraising I’ve always got a mentality that I expect to send out dozens of emails before I start seeing results.

Just focus on the good responses you do have and accept that the obstacles are all just part of the fundraising game.

#5 Get creative

Creativity is your best friend when it comes to fundraising. People have been shown sponsorship forms for marathon races a dozen times before. Try and make your challenge or adventure a little different to attract attention. If that’s not possible ask what you can do to make yourself stand out. Perhaps you could wear something unusual?

You also need to be creative with your fundraising. I’ve already put together a list of fundraising ideas, but what else can you come up with? The Red Paperclip (check out the book here) is an amazing example of this. One man managed to swap a red paperclip for a house in just 14 trades. Although not for charity, this is an example of how originality can have incredible effects.

#6 Get the press interested

Put together a press pack and send out to local papers. If your challenge is original or large scale then you can also try your luck with the national press. Getting your story out there is a great way to encourage new followers and donations.

#7 Share your story

If people are invested in you and your journey then they are more likely to donate. Not for the charity but because they want to support you. Set up a social media page on you favourite platform and use it to share your journey from fundraising and training to the challenge itself.

I think Instagram stories is especially great for this because it is so personal!

And one more thing…..

Just try and enjoy the process. Fundraising is not easy and there is no point torturing yourself over something that you are trying to do to help other people. It’s much better to have fun and just feel good about the fact that you’ve decided to give it a go.

And think….even if you only reach £20 of your £2000 target that’s still £20 that the charity didn’t have before. It’s all only a good thing!

Fundraising tips

I put together these fundraising tips as part of a series to encourage others to use their adventure for good. You might also want to check out:

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