Generally, the more I adventure, the lighter my pack gets. It seems that each time I go on a trip, I leave another thing behind realising it is not worth its weight. Some things have remained solid features in my packing list regardless the destination or activity in mind though. Here are my 10 best adventure accessories…

1. Getting a good nights sleep

Your Pillow

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that the number 1 most important factor to having a good travel experience is sleep. Moving around is tiring and making sure you get a decent amount of kip is crucial to feeling good and staying healthy. I’ve gone through dozens of different travel pillows. There is only one that I consider comfortable and durable enough to be worth the space in my bag: Your Pillow by SHO.

Sure, this is a real luxury item but unless I’m on a serious adventure, it comes with me.

2. Shampoo that doesn’t leak

Lush Shampoo Bar

Lush shampoo bar’s smell great, are lightweight, last for ages and won’t leak in your bag. I took one on my 1000km hike across Israel and it lasted me the whole time, washing both myself and my clothes on the occasions that I had the luxury of a shower. Don’t forget to also buy a shampoo bar tin for easy storing.

3. Keeping your valuables dry

Over Board dry bag

This heavy duty bag has proved endlessly useful on my adventures. From keeping my phone and electronics dry in monsoon downpours, to allowing me to keep my valuables with me when I’m swimming on a beach or doing a water activity.

OverBoard dry bag

4. All round container

Sea to Summit X-seal

This, collapsable cup fits comfortably in my bag pocket. I drink my tea and eat my dinner from it (not at the same time). The innovative lid means you can use it as a container for taking snacks on long journeys or for storing items.

I’ve had mine for over 4 years and it is probably my most used item.

Sea toSummit X Seal cup

5. Hand washing made easy


I’ve always struggled to handwash my clothes well on adventures as I’m often trying to do it from a bathroom sink! The Scrubba is genius though. The inside is lined with protruding rubber. You stick your clothes in with some water and soap, seal it and scrub it together. It froths up and cleans your clothes in a matter of seconds. Easy.

It also doubles up as a great stuff sack for storing your spare clothes when you are on the move so it really doesn’t take up any additional space.

Adventure packing list

6. Four toiletries in one

Lush Ultrabalm

Another great item from lush is their Ultrabalm. You can use it on dry skin, mild sunburn, as a moisturiser or for preventing blisters. It’s versatility massively reduces the size of my toiletry bag.

7. All your cash kept safe

Source money belt

SOURCE have created a belt that not only looks good and holds up your shorts but also has a large concealed zip where you can hide handfuls of notes (I’ve carried over $1000 before!).

My belt goes with me absolutely everywhere when I am travelling and on an adventure, I LOVE it. It’s a safe and comfortable way to have money on you at all times without ever having to worry about it getting lost.

Source moneybelt

8. You only need one book


What’s not amazing about a kindle? It’s small and lightweight and holds hundreds of books to keep me entertained on long evenings.

You can’t go on an adventure without an inspiring story (or 10) in your bag.

9. More than a neck scarf


Another versatile item that I don’t leave home without is my Buff. I use it to keep me warm, hold my hair back and also as a comfortable eye mask. When it’s not in use I just tie it around my bag so it is within easy reach.

10. Staying in touch with home

Kinps Power bank 

The number 1 important thing when I adventure (other than being safe!) is staying in touch with my loved ones back home. Second to that is keeping on top of blogging and work so that I can keep up this lifestyle as long as I want. So electricity, although usually sparce on my adventures, is very important.

That’s where my Kinps comes in to provide a back up for my phone, ipad, music and kindle. It’s a lifesaver.

best adventure accessories


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