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Last month we packed up our much loved flat and moved in with family to save money for our upcoming trip. Saying goodbye to London was a tough one and worthy of acknowledgement in the way I know best – with an adventure!

London has been such an incredible place to call home for the last 6 years. Living and working in the city has led to experiences that I will never forget. From organising events in Landmark locations like Southwark Cathedral, sneaking into VIP launch parties, bumping into the queen, driving a golf buggy around Hyde Park and attending Premieres…to name just a few! This capital really does have it all. It’s diverse, exciting and full of interesting, tolerable and open-minded people. The world has a lot to learn from the people of London.

I even look back fondly at our tough beginnings. Trying to find half-decent jobs and a place to live, we started out sharing a single bed (with springs pocking out of it) in a bedsit, over crammed with friendly Romanians, in a rough Estate block of flats called Pit House. Classy. That first tough year taught me a lot about myself and the world and drove me to turn things around, which I did.

It was important for me to mark the end of this chapter in my life with something significant – I wanted a mini-adventure for me and Gil (the hubby). With the launch of the Ordinary Adventurer marking a new beginning and with a charity fundraising target to hit, it only felt right that it be a city focused challenge.

After toying with a few different ideas, I eventually settled on completing the London Loop, a 240km track that circles the full perimeter of London, sometimes dubbed the M25 for hikers.

With a big hike planned later this year – hiking 1000km the length of Israel – I didn’t want another hiking challenge though. I was on the tube heading to work one morning when I spotted a man in a suit holding a kick scooter – now a popular choice for many commuters in London – I had one of those lightbulb moments.

I’ve never actually ridden an adult scooter before but in my head it seems like the perfect form of transport for the loop. Our challenge had been set – ‘Scoot the Loop’ it was.

As a lot of the track goes through uneven, muddy and grassy tracks, we needed a scooter sturdy enough to deal with the terrain, as well as tough enough to last us for the full 240km battering. When we saw Gravity Scooters we instantly knew they were perfect. We were ecstatic to find out that they would sponsor Scoot the Loop and provide us with 2 top of the range scooters for the challenge. Their scooters are just awesome and I can’t wait for them to arrive!

We are aiming to finish the Loop in a week and will be wild camping en route. It keeps things cheap and definitely adds to the adventure. Our challenge will take place in August so training, kit testing and charity fundraising are well underway. I look forward to posting pictures soon when the scooters arrive…

Bex Band

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