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So feeling rock bottom, I headed off in a taxi to Aqaba to the Movenpick Resort & Tala Bay Spa who had kindly offered us 2 nights stay at their hotel. As we entered the hotel with all its grandness and were met by the friendly staff and a welcome drink, my spirits lifted massively. It’s funny how a 5* hotel can do that!

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba review

The staff had written me a card full of congratulations for completing the hike. I literally don’t have words for this amazingness!!

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

We had been upgraded to a family room where I bagged the humongous bed. I had the best shower of my life (the toiletries smelt lush) and jumped on the bed with all its silky softness.

This was exactly what I needed. I might come across as a tough adventurer but sometimes I need a bit of TLC too.

This was heaven!!

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

Pure indulgence

I decided to give myself a day of complete luxury. Doing what I wanted, when I wanted. I mean, how often will I be staying in an incredible 5* hotel like this having just burnt thousands of calories hiking a desert? If that doesn’t constitute overindulgence, I don’t know what does.

Here’s how the day went…..

……5 helpings of breakfast…..

After a lie in and an early morning (very cold) dip in the sea, I headed to the breakfast buffet. SO MUCH FOOD!!!! Having slowly staved myself for the last 5 days because I didn’t ration enough supplies, I literally went crazy. I had 2 helpings of cooked breakfast (4 hash browns each time), 3 pancakes, a selection of pastries, a yoghurt and muesli combo and a hummus/middle eastern mix to finish.

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

……a lounge by the pool…..

I sat in the shade reading my book, every so often heading into the pool to cool down and refresh. Movenpick has a ridiculous selection of pools and a lazy river that connects them! A lovely couple sat next to me and we got chatting. The lady was applying a coconut spray to her arms which gave me an idea…..

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

…..Pina Colada…..

2 cocktails down and not even 11 am!

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

….time to check out the spa….

I decided to check out the hotel’s spa. I’d planned to just take a quick look and come back later. But I was already in my bikini and the jacuzzi was looking too inviting so a had a midday bubble!

5 star hotel in Aqaba


It had been a strenuous morning so I headed back to the room where I caught the end of a film and napped. I literally never nap during the day but it was bliss. I think this is the comfiest bed I’ve ever slept in!!!

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

….a walk….

Movenpick has a private stretch of beach so I went for a stroll along the water’s edge and then for a wander around the grounds. I discovered an amphitheatre and a garden where they are growing their own vegetables.

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

… cream dinner…..

I felt like having ice cream for dinner. So that’s what I had. I had a really lovely chat with the staff behind the bar who didn’t believe me when I said I’d just hiked across the desert! I think I should have ice cream for dinner more often.

Movenpick hotel Tala Bay Aqaba

…..Back to the spa!

To finish off my perfect day, I returned to the spa where I hydro pooled, saunaed and steam roomed until I felt like a jellyfish. I was well and truly RELAXED!

5 star hotel in Aqaba

I had such an incredible stay at the Movenpick Resort & Tala Bay Spa. The staff were lovely and I felt like a VIP enjoying the best that life has to offer.

I’ve decided that combining adventure with 5* luxury is definitely my new thing!

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