Getting ready for Kicking the States and kit list

by Feb 21, 2020 | First published in 2018Adventure, Kicking the States

Kicking the States has become a huge project. My initial hope was that we might be able to work out a lot as we went – how much to scoot each section and when to arrive in places – but it just hasn’t worked out that way. A big part of our expedition is raising money for our chosen charity, Africa’s Children in Education (please donate!) and one way we are doing this is by giving free talks en route in exchange for donations. Getting these booked has meant that we had to firm up dates and put together a schedule so we know what date we will be in what city. It means that we now have deadlines to meet but this really allows us to make the most of the opportunities that are coming our way and to maximise what we are able to fundraise.

On top of that, we’ve had an incredible response from kind members of the public. Offering to come take pictures, host us for a night, send us food vouchers, take us on a tour or to put us in touch with papers and magazines. Amazing!!

So it’s been busy coordinating everything but I’ve also really loved it. Our expedition schedule is now looking mega exciting.

How exactly are we carrying our stuff?!

One of the biggest logistic issues we had was working out how to carry our stuff on our Yedoo scooters. We had a pair of 17L waterproof OverBoard bags which size wise seemed fit the handlebar space perfectly. The only problem was that the clips were designed for a pannier bar and didn’t fit on the thick handlebar.

Scooter adventure kit list

So my brother-in-law and Gil headed into the man cave for a few hours and returned with an additional attachment which works an absolute dream! the pannier bag just slots on and off and we used a small bungee cord to hold it in place near the bottom for extra security.

We will also be carrying small 15L Source Outdoor hydration bags.

Our Yedoo scooters are being boxed to take on the flight as ‘bike’ luggage (costing £20 each).

Scooter expedition kit list

Packing light

We have just 32L of space each (which will need to include water and food) so are packing mega light for this expedition. We aren’t even taking a stove and will be relying on cold snack food and the occasional hot meal from diners we pass.

Here’s our packing list for the kicking the states expedition:


Sleeping gear:


Clothes wise I’m taking a pair of Merrell shoes and a pair of flip-flops. Shorts and leggings, 3 tshirt, a hoody, a fleece and a jacket. I’ll have 4 pairs of knickers, 2 pairs of socks and a sports bra!