After following Anna McNuff as she ran the length of New Zealand, Elise Downing as she ran around Great Britain and Laura Maisey as she ran Home from Rome….it’s not surprising I have an urge to try a running adventure!

When this idea came to mind, I couldn’t run more than 2 miles, which seemed like a little bit of a barrier. My usual attitude of just going for it wouldn’t work with this ambition. My body would need to be at least a little conditioned so it could cope with running a long distance, waking up and doing it all again the next day.

I’d watched Trail Runners from the sidelines previously with a bit of awe. I see them running around in the mountains and hills. Looking cool and fit. It’s a bit intimidating. Although I’d been told that it wasn’t that difficult and the transition from road running to trail running was quite an easy one, I wasn’t totally convinced. But I knew I’d have to develop the art of trail running….if there’s one thing I have learnt it’s that adventures are never flat!!

Without a specific adventure in mind yet though, I needed a focus. Having a goal and a schedule is, without a doubt, the biggest training motivation.  So I signed up to the Salomon 10km Sunset Series. A trail running race, for all levels. The race I’m doing is on the 24th June in Box Hill (yes, I know…Box Hill is notoriously steep, but I’m a little mad!).

Salomon Sunset Series

I’m also combining it with a June 30-day vegan challenge. For health, environmental and animal welfare reasons, I’ve always wanted to try a plant based diet. It incorporates everything I stand for. To make the challenge easier, I’ve stocked up with VivoLife. I’m using their 100% natural powders to keep me healthy and to make sure I get my daily dose of vitamins, minerals and protein….something which I have let slip over the last year while being on the move. And I’m feeling it.

So all round, this is my month to get into shape. No more excuses!

To get ready for the race, I’m following a simple schedule, running 4 times a week. Increasing my longest distance run half a mile each week. I’ve printed it out and stuck it on my wall to tick off as I go. I’m currently at 4miles. I’ve moved from roads to dirt tracks (which are way more fun!) and include some sprint training up hills (not so fun!).

With the race less than 4 weeks away, I’m getting a bit nervous. I know I’m going to be one of the slowest (if not the slowest) there and will have to walk some of that notorious hills. But I’m also excited. I plan to enjoy the race and my surroundings and the fact that I am trying something new. More and more I’m learning to just enjoy what I have and where I’m at, even if it’s not where I’d like to be. Being tough on yourself gets you nowhere.

If you are thinking of making the move to trail running, check out Emma Claytons top tips for beginners which she put together for Love Her Wild. They are super helpful! You should also take a look at the Salomon Sunset Series, maybe even join me struggling up Box Hill.

I look forward to letting you know how I get on and announcing my, um, record breaking time.

Wish me luck!