Here’s my complete packing list to show you what my bags look like when I travel. The only time this would change is if I go to a colder climate (so might include some thermals and a waterproof) and if I am heading somewhere to do a specific activity like a hike or sailing.


Adventure packing list

Day pack

Osprey Questa 27L Bag –  spacious daypack that comfortably fits everything, with padded section for my laptop.

Adventure packing list

Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Standard – Insulated bullet-proof water bottle.

Adventure packing list


MacBook Air – comes with me everywhere for blogging, work, staying in touch, watching films and editing photos.

Adventure packing list

Laptop case

Thule MacBook Air Bumper – not cheap, but worth every penny when it comes to protecting you Mac on the go.

Adventure packing list

Mobile phone

iPhone 6 – I have a Three SIM which works in 42 countries, otherwise I buy a local SIM on arrival.

Kinps powerbank

External Battery Pack

Knips External Battery Pack – for charging my phone, iPod, kindle and camera

Adventure packing list


Kindle E-Reader –  this little gadget comes everywhere with me.

Adventure packing list


Ipod Shuffle – I prefer this to my phone as it’s easier for running

Adventure packing list


Betron Earphones – great value good quality earphones.


Neck warmer

Buff – I love my buff! I use it to keep me warm but also as an eye mask.

Adventure packing list

Travel Pillow

Your Pillow by SHO – compact and comfortable inflatable travel pillow.

Adventure packing list


Desert scarf – use a blanket to keep me warm, also doubles up as a headscarf & towel if needed


Adventure packing list

Main Luggage

Eastpak Container –  I’ve had this for 10+ years & still love it! Wheels for comfort and can carry like a backpack if needed.

Adventure packing list

Packing cubes

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes – makes packing/unpacking quicker and easier.

Adventure packing list

First Aid

Lifesystems Adventure First Aid – topped up with some personal medication including rehydration sachets.

Adventure packing list

Hand Wash Bag

Scrubba – a lifesaver when it comes to hand washing my clothes while travelling.

Adventure packing list

Toiletry Bag

North Face Toiletry Bag – good study waterproof bag to keep toiletries together.

Adventure packing list


Petzl Head Torch – handy for reading in a hostel or nighttime excursions.


Adventure packing list


Fujifilm X100s –  I switched in my clunky DSLR for the Fujifilm. Best decision ever – stylish, discreet & takes incredible pictures.

Adventure packing list

Camera Case

Fujifilm Premium Leather Case – keeping the camera protected while maintaining the retro look.

Adventure packing list

Diving Camera

Sony RX100 iv – for point & shoot there is no competition, great photos & great videos! A cheaper substitute for the Fujifilm for any traveller.

Adventure packing list

Diving Camera Case

Fantasea Underwater Housing – easy to use and can take up to 40m deep.

Adventure packing list


Joby Gorilla Tripod – compact and versatile, the perfect tripod for a traveller



  • 1 x jeggins (wear on flight)
  • 1 x shorts
  • 3 x t-shirts (wear 1 on flight)
  • 1 x evening top or dress
  • 1 x jumper (wear on flight)
  • 1 x jacket (wear on flight)
  • 6 x underwear (wear 1 on flight)
  • 2 x socks (wear 1 on flight)
  • 2 x bra – one sports (wear 1 on flight)
  • 1 x board  shorts (can wear as shorts) & bikini top
  • T-shirt for PJ’s/swimming in to avoid sunburn



  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent (50% DEET)
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Lush Shampoo bar
  • Sanitary products