Love Her Wild Logo

In 2016, along with fellow adventurer, Alex Mason, I co-founded the online community and website, Love Her Wild.

Love Her Wild recognises that there is an imbalance between genders in the adventure world. It’s not just that it is male dominant with a lack of role models for girls; female adventurers are often poorly represented and don’t even get us started on the outdoor gear selection for women….

Our goal is simple. We want women from around the world to feel inspired to do more outdoor exploring!

Love Her Wild community

We’ve created a supportive Facebook group where you can share, ask and meet like-minded ladies to adventure with. We post exclusive opportunities and discounts just for Love Her Wild members (with the occasional competition thrown in).

Join the Love Her Wild group now if you haven’t already!

Love Her Wild website

On the Love Her Wild website you will find reviews for gear and equipment and genuinely useful advice to help you with your next challenge. And, our favourite, regular interviews and stories from female adventurers to get you inspired.

Stay Wild!

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