In almost everyone I meet, I see an adventure just waiting to happen. Some people already know what they want to do. The ‘one day I’ll….’ people. I also meet lots of people who couldn’t tell you what their dream adventure is. They don’t even know it is a thing and, if they do, they don’t see it as something that is accessible to them.

I’ll start by saying that I think adventuring is open to everybody. You don’t have to be fit, rich or tough. You don’t have to be good at anything in particular, or brave or well connected. I’m living proof of that. The slightest bit of exercise gives me heart palpitations and a tomato face and I cry way too much. But, I’m still an adventurer.

So what qualities do you need?

I always tell people that the hardest part of a challenge is the stuff that comes before you have even set off. For most adventures, fitness and toughness can develop while you are away. Logistics is just something you work through as you go. I also never consider money an issue either. There are lots of different funding options and ways to do an adventure on the cheap.

The real challenge is the mindset needed to make it happen in the first place. There are 3 traits that I have that I think are key to me taking on adventures.

1. Willingness to take a leap

With every idea I ever had that came to light, I remember a moment when a conscious decision was made to make it happen. Commitment is more important than knowing all the answers. You might not have the details you need or a plan in place, but it doesn’t matter. You just need to know you are going to go for it regardless. 

Don’t hesitate to take that leap.

Say to yourself, no matter what, This. Will. Happen.

2. A do-it attitude

I wasn’t born a doer, its something I taught myself to take on. As soon as I have committed, I start doing.

Need to find out some information about something for your challenge? Don’t say you will do it, just do it – right now. This second.

Don’t waste time thinking too much, re-writing to-do lists or aimlessly searching the web. Procrastination is the biggest waste of time and just slows you down.

You will be amazed how quickly things move when you become proactive.

Everest Adventure; map, how to do adventures

3. Finding opportunities

It’s important to grab hold of opportunities when they come your way. But even more important than that is making opportunities for yourself. If you sit in a comfortable routine waiting for something to come to you, it’s probably going to be a long wait.

Instead, put yourself out there. Meet people. Go to events. Try new things. Sign up to everything you see that you like. Apply for grants and funding, even if you don’t think you will get it.

I’ve already done some of the hard work for you by putting together a list of Adventure Opportunities.