I worked hard to be able to create a living out of what I love; inspiring others and adventure. My journey really began a couple of years ago when I began saving, properly. At the time I thought it was for a deposit on a house but in 2016 I made the decision to use those savings to pursue my dream instead.

The last year or so has been a process of becoming an ‘adventurer’, building a blog and establishing a brand. My ultimate goal was to create a sustainable living from what I love and I have been able to achieve that. Although, of course, my ambitions continue to grow!

What I really love about what I am doing, is that it is accessible to anyone. Gone are the days of exclusive elitist explorer clubs. The title ‘adventurer’ is open to all. Setting up a blog or website is simple and social media is your best tool…and it’s free! I’m no smarter or special than you are. I’ve just worked hard, pushed myself and learnt as much as I could.

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Jungle trek, Pico Binito National Park



Of course, all adventurers start with an adventure! So before you get going, check out my top tips on getting inspiration, finding adventure opportunities and how to fund your adventure.