Adventuring with the planet in mind…

an adventure that changed everything…

Before my adventure I had it all, living a big city consumerist life in London. Then I became unhappy. So I did the only rational thing an unfit, inexperienced, afraid person should do….I gave everything up and spent 2 months hiking over 1000km the length of Israel.

This was being thrown into the deep end of adventuring but I loved it. I really enjoyed living out of a backpack and relying on my body and mind rather than the convenience of technology. I was the happiest I’d ever been and I was left with a new found confidence that allowed me to take the necessary steps to become my own boss and to set up Love Her Wild..

Adventure to save the planet

And another thing happened along the way…..I accidentally became a passionate conservationist. Spending time in the outdoors connects you to nature and wildlife. As the saying goes…..you protect what you love.

I realised that adventuring really is a great way to solve some of our biggest environmental issues because….

…..it connects people to nature
…..it teaches us to live with less and value experiences over things
…..it encourages us to turn off technology 

Eco AdventurinG

This year I want to celebrate Eco Adventuring. Taking on adventures with the well-being of the planet in mind. To show how we can reduce our footprint while taking on exciting challenges, and how we can adopt (and benefit from) an adventure lifestyle at home.

One final note. You’ll see from my travelling that I am far from environmentally sound. But my approach to conservation is being better, not being perfect. I believe it’s about constantly taking those small steps in the right direction.

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