Ocean pollution is now at a critical level, killing hundreds of thousands of marine life each year and disrupting the eco balance of our planet. Determined to do something about it, adventurers Erin Bastian and Bex Band put together Paddle Pickup and came up with a UK kayaking expediton, Coast 2 Coast.

Believing that education is key to making a difference, the main aim of this expedition is to raise awareness and to highlight some of the main conservation issues of ocean pollution. That means talking about plastic! The great thing about this issue is that everyone is able to contribute to the solution by making small changes.

Along the way, team members will collect as much plastic as they can from the water, while also carrying out research. Not only will this leave our waterways looking cleaner but will help protect our wonderful wildlife, from the birds that nest in our canals to the turtles swimming in the deep ocean.

This is an all-female expedition kayaking the UK Coast 2 Coast. Covering a distance of over 300km, we will begin in Bristol Harbor, and finish when we cross under Queens Bridge, the last bridge of the Thames. This journey will also involve navigating 151 locks!

The expedition has been split into 3 legs. Each one 5-days long and covering roughly 100km.

Leg 1: 21st – 25th August
Leg 2: 27th – 31st August
Leg 3: 2nd – 6th September

As well as individual kayaks, the expedition team will have a 2 man canoe used for collecting rubbish and will rotate the duty of rowing this. Each lock that the team meets will involve pulling the boats from the water and carrying them to the other side. This will be a gruelling part of the adventure. Each night the team will camp, mostly remotely on the banks.

Coast 2 Coast will bring together a team of women from all backgrounds and abilities, all with a passion for protecting our oceans. Although no kayaking experience is necceserary, members will need to be fit with a positive, can-do, mind set to face the physical and mental challenges that the expedition will bring.

As a team we will be working together to raise awareness for our cause and members will be encourage to take part in all aspects of expedition planning from securing sponsorship, helping with logisitics, attending events, giving talks and speaking with media.

To apply, please fill in the application form at the bottom of the page.

Download the expedition pack for full details: Coast2Coast

It is now believed that there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean

In several parts of the world, Eutrophication has created enormous dead zones

Land-based activities are responsible for more than 80% of pollution in our oceans

Are you looking for more than just an adventure?


We are looking for teammates that want to be part of our vision and part of an expedition team.

There are lots of behind the scenes work that will go into a project like this and the harder we work together, the more we are able to achieve. This doesn’t mean that you will be expected to put in hours of work each week, we understand that everyone will have varying commitments and availability. But what we are looking for is passion!

*No previous kayaking experience is required, however, you will need to be fit and healthy enough to cover roughly 20km a day with lots of lifting kayaks over locks (as a team) while camping under expedition conditions and unpredictable weather*

Each leg will be led by qualified and experienced Kayaker, Erin Bastin. All kayaking and camping equipment will be provided by Evoke Expeditions, guaranteeing safety and quality.

The expedition cost does not include personal equipment (such as clothes and toiletries), sleeping bags, transport to and from the expedition and food.

Leg 1: 21st – 25th August (1 space left)
Leg 2: 27th – 31st August (1 space left)
Leg 3: 2nd – 6th September (waiting list)

Cost: £690 per leg

Join 2 or more legs and receive a 10% discount

Expedition Leaders

Erin Bastian

Erin lives and breaths adventure. Perusing her passion for exploration from the age of 17, adventure has taken her all over the world. She’s most at home, navigating unmapped fjords, climbing mountains, trekking remote foot hills, skiing steep alpine mountains and sleeping under the stars. 

Her dream is to show others what’s out there to explore. She believes that adventure brings out the best in us. It fosters determination, resilience, and gives us a better perspective on the world we live in. Life is for living, and life experiences are whats truly valuable.

Bex Band

Bex is an expedition leader, motivational speaker and ocean advocate. Since quitting her job as a teacher she has completed a number of adventures including sailing across the North Sea and hiking, self-supported, over 1000km the full length of Israel. Most recently she is leading an expedition hiking the equivalent height of Everest over 5 days in the Lake District.

She is also co-founder and director of Love Her Wild, a community for female adventurers. Through this group and her blog, the Ordinary Adventurer, Bex hopes to inspire others to think big. She wants to prove that adventuring is not just for the rich and rugged amongst us.

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