The adventuring world can feel a little exclusive sometimes, made only for the super-humans that walk amongst us. I used to feel the same, until I decided to insert myself ungraciously into the outdoor world, ready to embrace the humiliation and failure that I was sure would follow. Far from failing, I succeed at all my challenges and now consider myself a full fledged adventurer (if I may say so myself).

Adventuring is not exclusive. Anyone can do it. Including you. And I want to show you how, step-by-step.

So, I put together these guides to help with all the stages of making an adventure a reality. From coming up with the idea, working out the logistics and getting sponsorship and funding (yes, this is an option). Let’s go…

Hiking boots and a view


All adventures start with an idea. When I’m planning a new challenge, but don’t yet know what to do, I like to jot on a piece of paper all the different ideas that come into my head. Ignore logistics or practicalities early on. If you get stuck, look to others…


Once you have an idea, you need to choose a date and get on with planning your adventure, step by step. For many, the most challenging aspect will be committing and become determined enough to make it happen.


Money should never be a reason not to do an adventure. Firstly, there are lots of ways you can make money yourself. If this isn’t an option though, you can look to funding and scholarships for help or trying to get sponsorship for your adventure. Check out these guides to give you some ideas.


To see my standard adventure packing list with my personal recommended brands of choice, click on the picture below…

Israel National Trail kit list