The early years

Let me start by saying I don’t have a particularly exciting backstory or event that got me to where I am today. I consider myself completely ordinary, hence the name!

I grew up in a large town not far from London. School was never fun for me. I struggled to make friends and didn’t do well in my lessons, mostly due to having undiagnosed dyslexia. But my vivid imagination saved me. I used to live out make-believe adventures constantly in my head. Building dens, pretending to be a spy and following in the footsteps of my adventure heroes….often with my dog Monty in tow. I was a tom-boy through and through!

Me as a child in the bath
Me in Africa travelling for the first time

An addiction to travelling

During my teenage years, I grew an overwhelming desire to escape my town and see more of the world. I got a couple of part-time jobs working evenings and weekends and saved every penny I earned. So, when I finished school age 18, I could take a solo gap year exploring East and South Africa.

Many of the places I visited were completely void of tourists meaning, for some, I was the first white person they had ever met. I drank goat’s blood with a Samburu tribe, was chased by a hippo and hitched a 3-hour ride clung onto the back of a truck. It was a pure experience full of African sunsets, freedom and lifetime memories.

From that point on, I was totally addicted to travelling. So, after completing my media degree, I was off again. While in a Spanish school in Guatemala, I bumped into my future husband who was travelling after his Israeli army service.

Trying the 9-5 lifestyle

We settled in London where I tried all sorts of different jobs from travel administration, charity fundraiser and school teacher. I spent 5 years switching from one stressful role, I didn’t like, to another. Working, paying bills and living for the weekend.

I also won a holiday to Costa Rica, got married and had a honeymoon in Burningman Festival. It wasn’t all bad!

But, after 6 years living a 9-5 lifestyle, I had had enough. I was fed up of being stressed and overworked and had a mountain of baggage to contend with. I was burnt out, didn’t sleep well, was over-thinking all the time and had bouts of depression. I didn’t feel healthy.

So, I decided to make a change. I quit my job, signed up to a few challenges and… I am! Adventuring, travelling and living my absolute dream life.

Packing it all in

Since leaving my job I have completed the 240km London Loop on an adult kick scooter, sailed across the North Sea and hiked 1000km the length of Israel. Along with so many cool mini adventures like seeing a volcano erupt and swimming with whale sharks on Mafia Island.

I also co-founded and direct a growing community for female adventurers called Love Her Wild. We now have over 1,800 members! Through this group, I have set up events and expeditions to inspire and recognise women in adventure. I love being part of such an inspiring group!

And I have many more adventures and travels still to come (check out my plan for 2017)…

To make this dream life sustainable, I’ve also been working towards earning a living on the go. You can find out more about how I do this on my advice page.

Collage of Bex Band

A simple and caring life

The best part about my life now is it works in perfect sync with another huge passion of mine, simple living. I’m a huge environmentalist, with an inescapable love of our oceans. And this goes so hand in hand with adventuring. Because adventure strips everything back, gets rid of all the commercial noise and makes us connect with the planet again.

So alongside creating a life full of adventure, I’ve also made a pact to keep my life what I call ‘simple and caring’. That means consuming less. While also caring for our environment and its inhabitants (humans are included in that). I avoid plastic, mostly live off a plant-based diet and do lots for charity. Not all the time…but most of the time. And it makes me feel good!

I hope I can urge others to live like this too.

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